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What about this for a business idea.

Cloud storage is a bit of a darling in venture capital circles and almost without fail seems to achieve enormous sums of capital from investment institutions and the big companies who buy them out. One common thread running through every single one of them that noone ever seems to question is the physical hardware itself. We all just assume, rightfully so, that they are keeping the drive manufacturers in the black with bulk drive purchases. Not only that, but with the constantly changing technology in storage mediums, cloud storage companies are always behind the eight ball trying to get more bang out of their Buck with more efficient hardware. Continue reading What about this for a business idea.

Is all seed funding good for you?

The obvious answer would be “No”, though it’s hard to see the forest for the trees when someone *with* money is discussing investment where no others have been interested.

I had this phone call yesterday with, what I thought, was a really good graphic designer. In layman terms he was an artsy-fartsy guy with a really solid understanding of the user experience and how to bring that out from websites. He was a very pleasant guy and basically helpful and open-minded. He was a referral from a friend and judging from his portfolio, it’s clear this guy knew what he was doing. Little did I know how *much* he knew. Continue reading Is all seed funding good for you?

Pitching your startup is easier than you think

Love this bit of info. Saved (posted) for posterity.

13 Ways to get press when you launch your startup


I outlined 16 must have customer acquisitions techniques for startups in a post last month. One of the most important techniques comes in the form of Public Relations and I think it’s important enough to warrant its own article. PR is how you launch companies, build buzz, and get valuable attention that ranks well above the noise of buying advertising. For example Apple only aired the 1984 ad once, but received over five million dollars of free publicity due to everyone talking + airing the ad again on the news. Like anything worth striving for in life, getting attention from the press is hard, but if you attack it with the right approach, it becomes fairly easy to do. We’re launching a new version of Padpressed later this week and I thought I’d share some tips I’ve learned over the years.

A lot of entrepreneurs ask me how I got on TechCrunch with PadPressed, so I included the exact email I used to pitch and get on TechCrunch at the end of the article with some notes.

Unrealistic Expectations

I’ve been having a hard time getting re-motivated or at least sustaining a level of motivation in the last week. There are some things unrelated to anything technological that have been on my mind. To help me get re-engaged with my Internet start up thing, I decided to watch some of the video clips from the “Startup Lessons Learned” conference with Eric Ries (http://bit.ly/b0OD9i). Of those I’ve focused on are the presentations by Aardvark and KISSmetrics.

It’s interesting to go back and watch these videos because they feel like really good equalizers to the exuberance we can feel for launching our first product. A few of overriding perspectives that seem to constantly pop-up are these:
Continue reading Unrealistic Expectations