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What about this for a business idea.

Cloud storage is a bit of a darling in venture capital circles and almost without fail seems to achieve enormous sums of capital from investment institutions and the big companies who buy them out. One common thread running through every single one of them that noone ever seems to question is the physical hardware itself. We all just assume, rightfully so, that they are keeping the drive manufacturers in the black with bulk drive purchases. Not only that, but with the constantly changing technology in storage mediums, cloud storage companies are always behind the eight ball trying to get more bang out of their Buck with more efficient hardware. Continue reading What about this for a business idea.

Why hasn’t this been done yet?

I spend most of my day asking “Why”. Why is the sky blue? Why do otherwise smart people believe in dumb ideas? Why did someone at work make the decision to go left when it was obvious to me and everyone else that “right” was the correct direction. You could assume that by asking so many questions, a number of sort-of Well, DUH! ideas fall out of this process.

Beverage Containers

Why hasn’t a material been developed and widely adopted that allows Milk, soda, and juices to be distributed in containers with hyper-fast biodegradability (say 6 months or less)? Recycling has been around for 30 or 40 years I imagine and the technology to make materials that biodegrade at a reasonably fast rate have been around even longer. So why is it when I go to the grocery store, I’m still buying my milk in containers that take 100 years Continue reading Why hasn’t this been done yet?