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Once Again, Microsoft can’t find it’s *** with both hands

I remember years ago when Microsoft fans were up in arms that they had to download and install a brand new, stand-alone, executable package on their local workstations in order to gain the benefits of the new “dot net” programming architecture.. One of the big reasons I wasn’t a big fan of this edict — even as a Microsoft product fanboi — is that it broke my browsing experience into two distinct components. I was floored that the functionality they hoped to deliver to the World Wide Web required not only their own branded browser, but now a separate installation of supporting libraries.

My disagreement was short-lived. I installed the new framework and have updated, patched, hot-fixed, and caressed it begrudgingly a dozen times over the last 5 years.

Today was a new experience though and one that continues to punctuate the reasons my frustrations with Microsoft persist. Continue reading Once Again, Microsoft can’t find it’s *** with both hands