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Am I running out of time?


You know the feeling – the feeling of being left behind in the race for achievement. Of falling back in ‘the game’. For some people, the game is keeping up with the Joneses: marrying a good catch, living in a nice house, driving the right car, having a good job, kids that do well at school. For others, it is enjoying life’s pleasures – the best vacations, the most enjoyable parties, with the most exciting partiers. Then there are people who are forever pursuing harmony and peace in their lives, resolving the discordant threads one by one, and for some the game is living up to their personally defined objective definition of personal development.

For most, it is a combination with a common thread: Am I moving up in the world at an acceptable pace, or am I running out of time? Am I maximizing my potential?

This isn’t going to be easy

But no one ever said it was going to be. You will have to work harder, smarter, better, and with more intensity than you ever thought you were capable of.


Dear Friend,

How’s it going? Alright? You don’t look alright to me.

You look like you’re going through rough times. Like you’ve had a couple setbacks and now you’re not so sure of yourself. Like maybe you’ve lost your way.

I don’t see that swagger in your walk any more. No wink and grin that says “Watch what I’m about to do.”

And of course, your results.

Your work is dull. Mediocre. You’re going through the motions – putting in the hours but not really giving it your best. You’re playing scared. You’re watching your back instead of charging ahead. You’ve lowered both the expectations you’ve set for yourself, and for how others will treat you.

You look like you’ve given up on yourself.

But guess what? Even if you’re giving up on you, I’m not. Continue reading This isn’t going to be easy

Going it alone

I, like a lot of entrepreneurial-minded individuals, struggle with staying engaged and motivated on whatever project happens to be in front of me at the moment. There have been projects in the past where I have had multiple people involved and focused on getting some kind of product out the door. Most of the time, however, it’s just me, an idea, and what I believe is perfect timing for the market I’m trying to break into.

When you are alone and have limited or no help, the pylons in the road can seem like sideways-parked cities buses. A little lethargy can feel like a motivation-robbing deep depression. A technical challenge that takes you 6 hours to work through can sometimes make you feel as though you just flushed an entire week down the toilet for little to no gain.

I don’t know what the trick is to keep going or if there’s a magic tonic I can rub on the festering sore that is my need to succeed at a start-up. All I know is that, at 41, the candle of my youthful enthusiasm is not quite as tall as it used to be and to quit now would force me to account for the many, many years of spouse-less, child-less, job-less, possession-less existence that I’ve been quietly keeping in the closet.

Onward and upward I say. It’s now or never!