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Struggling to maintain control over your browser environment?

I get it. Some people still run IE 5 or 6, one of the most insecure browsers still available. The only way to get rid of so much of the spy/malware on the internet is to force people to upgrade and remove from existence all the down-level software that has so many open holes.

Occasionally, however, I need to use an older browsing experience.

To that end, I’ll use this post to start saving / cataloging / uploading / making available to others, the bits-n-bytes of software that become harder to find every day.

With that…

Software Version Platform 32/64 Use with Download
Firefox 3.6.18 Windows 32 get it
Firefox 4.0.1 Windows 32 get it
Google Toolbar
XPI installer
7.1.20110512W Windows 32 FF 3.6 – 4.0 get it