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Can intelligence be taught?

Is intelligence something you are born with or can it be nurtured? I’ve debated this concept in my head for years. Without an internal counter viewpoint, or empirical research to substantiate one concept or another, I’ve formed what I think is a reasonably common sense driven opinion from a one-sided argument.

Tommy MacWilliam, a 3rd year student at Harvard, may not answer my question. But, he does offer a unique perspective on one of the things that smart people do.


Does anyone know what their “smarts” are worth?

Lost in the endless prodding of our mothers, fathers, and greatest-generation Grandparents is the notion that we should all go to college to get a good education. “Nothing will get you a job faster than a college diploma” we’ve all heard. Ok. Fine!

So you decide the career that will suit you best is that of an architect, or a nurse, or an electrical engineer. You enroll in the local Community College and start picking your classes. Almost without fail, new students scan the list of classes that an adviser and some formal-looking documents tell us are required in order to be granted a degree in some field. Cultural Art credits are required to be an electrical engineer? Wannabe nurses have to pass college algebra to help care for people? Really? Continue reading Does anyone know what their “smarts” are worth?