Links and nuggets 19 Feb 2014

The Hackers guide to getting press
This was a link I found on Reddit where he claimed a friend of his took his methods and managed to get some press in Time magazine for his little startup. Cursory overview, the approach seems logical.

Startup idea evaluation framework
Ran across this a few weeks ago, but something tells me he’d be a good guy to work with.

Ok… this here is nothing but pure entertainment. But… it’s not mindless entertainment. I can see a use for this. 😉

Take your Startup to the next level from Sadek on Vimeo.

Need a co-founder for your idea? Start here.
I have no idea how useful or successful an idea like this is (co-founder dating), but I really like the concept of being able to find someone useful at key stages of your growth / validation. I dunno… looks like the front page hasn’t been updated in a while. Same 2 guys are featured as were last week.

Pitch Envy
Want to see what a nice “pitch” deck looks like? Check these out. I walked through quite a few and they were simple, easy to read, get to the point very quickly, and all have some common elements.

Wow. This looks fantastic. Hope they open the doors soon. I can’t tell you how many times I just wanted to check out a reasonable example of how to code something, but had to wade through a bullshit narrative describing every single step or endure the first 60 seconds of a Youtube video where I’m introduced to the human and told what I already know… what you’re going to show me. I can read code… just show me the syntax I’m screwing up.

This is just a cool-ass concept. Limited to the Netherlands however.

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