Sanity guide for new boxer (or boxer mix) owners

An acquaintance of mine picked up a boxer-mix puppy a few days ago. I don’t know if he’s a previous boxer owner or even how recently he’s had a dog in his life. This got me thinking about the huge number of boxers who eventually find their way into the animal rescue system because well-meaning, warm-hearted owners have no idea what they’re getting into and become overwhelmed by the high maintenance of this particular breed. Considering my buddy has a significant other as well as (I believe) children, the foundation of “patience” and “tolerance” has already been beaten into him. I’m sure he’s going to be a great parent to his newest family member so hopefully my thoughts here serve only to fill a few gaps if they exist. There are endless “how to” guides for new puppy owners on the Internet, so my intention was to focus mostly on my experience with the Boxer breed and the things I learned while sharing my life with one. The easiest way to describe the breed is that they are the dial that goes to 11 where other breeds stop at 10.

The single most fundamental thing about boxers (and many mixed boxers) that you have to learn, quickly, is this… Continue reading Sanity guide for new boxer (or boxer mix) owners