Homemade dog food recipe 2.0.1 (alpha build)

Considering I bit off more than I could chew during last weekend’s adventure with homemade dog food, I thought I’d start small. The obvious differences between “cooking for your dogs” and “canning food” finally occurred to me. It seems that building a solid recipe that my boxer can keep down, fills him up, and provides enough nutrients, is step 1. Actually canning the food is step 2. If I can get step 1 down, step 2 should be a no-brainer since I already have the materials and a tad bit of experience.

My first attempt at cooking and long-term canning of dog food resulted in a mixture that my boxer was unable to keep down. It’s anyone’s guess what ingredient didn’t agree with his fat-intolerant condition, but I suspect it was a combination of chicken skin, pulverized bones, or the inseparable chicken fat that comes from not draining the chicken after cooking.

So… I’m not using any specific recipe found in some corner of the Internet or buried in a book. Instead I’m taking a common sense approach to feeding my boxer (and eventually both of my dogs) food that caters to his fat-intolerant condition. You don’t necessarily have to prepare it in the same order I did, but here’s today’s recipe… Continue reading Homemade dog food recipe 2.0.1 (alpha build)