Deciding to return to couples counseling with Microsoft

I’ve made no effort to hide my disdain for so many things Microsoft, that I doubt anyone I know could accuse me a being a fanboy with a straight face. My blog probably doesn’t represent some of the more cynical opinions I have, but I assure you my heart has been hardening for years. What did I learn today that was impressive enough to write about?

Today, like most days, I’m casually browsing posts at Hacker News when I run across this link.

Having been a Dropbox user for a long time, recently considering upgrading to a paid account for the additional storage, I now find that Microsoft just might — MIGHT — offer an alternative that’s worth using. Why not just give it a shot and see if Redmond has managed to learn what makes products like Facebook, Instagram, Firefox and countless other bleeding edge web solutions so appealing to consumers. (note: if you’re one of those people who always seemed to give Microsoft a fair chance to impress you after countless discouragement and crap products, you’re probably not the target audience of this post.) Continue reading Deciding to return to couples counseling with Microsoft