And it was heart that Lin and the New York Knicks showed, rallying from a 17-point first-half deficit to the Toronto Raptors and winning 90-87 on Lin’s three-point shot with 0.9 seconds left.Lin got 27 points and a career-high 11 assists, his second double-double, and sixth game in a row of 20 or more points to extend the Knicks’ winning streak to six games, the last five victories with Lin in his first NBA starts.It was Lin’s finishing drive and made free throw that tied the game at 87-87 with 1:05 to play. Twelve of his points came in the fourth quarter.

Can intelligence be taught?

Is intelligence something you are born with or can it be nurtured? I’ve debated this concept in my head for years. Without an internal counter viewpoint, or empirical research to substantiate one concept or another, I’ve formed what I think is a reasonably common sense driven opinion from a one-sided argument.

Tommy MacWilliam, a 3rd year student at Harvard, may not answer my question. But, he does offer a unique perspective on one of the things that smart people do.

ERROR No response from remote host (Nagios / Centreon / Ubuntu)

Are you a mostly Windows admin and using your mediocre Linux skills to setup a Nagios 3.x server running on Ubuntu 10.04 using the Centreon 2.3.x UI for configuration?

You’ve got the monitoring server all set up and it works monitoring localhost, but you get these errors when you try to setup Nagios monitoring for a Windows server?

"ERROR: No response from remote host 'x.x.x.x'."
"ERROR when getting SNMP version : No response from remote host 'x.x.x.x'."

Now you’ve spent WAY too many hours Googling a solution, none of which solve your issue?

Possible solution here: Continue reading ERROR No response from remote host (Nagios / Centreon / Ubuntu)