Once Again, Microsoft can’t find it’s *** with both hands

I remember years ago when Microsoft fans were up in arms that they had to download and install a brand new, stand-alone, executable package on their local workstations in order to gain the benefits of the new “dot net” programming architecture.. One of the big reasons I wasn’t a big fan of this edict — even as a Microsoft product fanboi — is that it broke my browsing experience into two distinct components. I was floored that the functionality they hoped to deliver to the World Wide Web required not only their own branded browser, but now a separate installation of supporting libraries.

My disagreement was short-lived. I installed the new framework and have updated, patched, hot-fixed, and caressed it begrudgingly a dozen times over the last 5 years.

Today was a new experience though and one that continues to punctuate the reasons my frustrations with Microsoft persist.

So I need to install some software that requires, you guessed it, the latest version of the net framework. ~sigh Fine! Download and fire up the latest install/update/hotfix/whatever of the framework and wouldn’t you know it… the brilliant minds at one of the fastest relevancy-chucking companies in the world requires yet a THIRD library installation to run the secondary library installation so that I can just install the application I’m actually interested in.

Will it never end?

Fix the error below by downloading “Windows Imaging Components” they couldn’t be bothered to just include in the framework package.


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