Ubuntu Nuggets

Seems I’m always looking for “that one” article I read on how to do something but can never seem to find it. Irritating! This post will serve as my “sticky” until I need this stuff again.

For the record, I have been a “Windows Guy” for the many years since I first started playing with computers. Most people have. I’ve flirted with x-based operating systems off-and-on over this same period usually choosing the more mature, easier-to-use products from Microsoft. For as long as I can remember, this was a no-brainer. Recently, however, Linux and MS Windows appear to have changed roles. Of course, this a personal opinion.

It used to be that Windows was easier to use, more stable, and offered a more refined user experience. Successive versions simply improved on the stability and ease of use of their predecessor. With the debacle that was Windows Vista, my opinion gradually started to change. With Windows 7, I’m not quite as interested in things coming out of Redmond as I used to be and the once sizable differences between the latest round of products from MS and those from the open-source Linux community are smaller and substantially fewer in number.

I could fill a book with how Microsoft has disappointed me, a one time champion of their products, in the last 6 years. I’ll save that for another day. Flirting with Linux, it would appear, has turned into true infatuation now that I’m using it on my primary workstation. Since I don’t know nearly as much about Ubuntu as I do about Windows, I need a place to put the little knowledge nuggets I pick up and that’s the reason for this post. (Come to think of it, if I had started toying with Linux from the beginning my tidbits would have been scratched on paper in notebooks. The Internet was barely utilitarian.) Continue reading Ubuntu Nuggets