Once Again, Microsoft can’t find it’s *** with both hands

I remember years ago when Microsoft fans were up in arms that they had to download and install a brand new, stand-alone, executable package on their local workstations in order to gain the benefits of the new “dot net” programming architecture.. One of the big reasons I wasn’t a big fan of this edict — even as a Microsoft product fanboi — is that it broke my browsing experience into two distinct components. I was floored that the functionality they hoped to deliver to the World Wide Web required not only their own branded browser, but now a separate installation of supporting libraries.

My disagreement was short-lived. I installed the new framework and have updated, patched, hot-fixed, and caressed it begrudgingly a dozen times over the last 5 years.

Today was a new experience though and one that continues to punctuate the reasons my frustrations with Microsoft persist. Continue reading Once Again, Microsoft can’t find it’s *** with both hands

Struggling to maintain control over your browser environment?

I get it. Some people still run IE 5 or 6, one of the most insecure browsers still available. The only way to get rid of so much of the spy/malware on the internet is to force people to upgrade and remove from existence all the down-level software that has so many open holes.

Occasionally, however, I need to use an older browsing experience.

To that end, I’ll use this post to start saving / cataloging / uploading / making available to others, the bits-n-bytes of software that become harder to find every day.

With that…

Software Version Platform 32/64 Use with Download
Firefox 3.6.18 Windows 32 get it
Firefox 4.0.1 Windows 32 get it
Google Toolbar
XPI installer
7.1.20110512W Windows 32 FF 3.6 – 4.0 get it

A sane definition of node.js

If you’re a regular reader of Hacker News, then you’ve no doubt seen multiple posts on something called node.js. I had an idea of what it was and knew it had something to do with Google’s V8 Javascript interpreter, but still lacked a good understanding. Here’s an article that will clear it up for you. Easy to read and easy to understand.


Node is a server-side JavaScript interpreter that changes the notion of how a server should work. Its goal is to enable a programmer to build highly-scalable applications and write code that handles tens of thousands of simultaneous connections on one, and only one, physical machine


Am I running out of time?


You know the feeling – the feeling of being left behind in the race for achievement. Of falling back in ‘the game’. For some people, the game is keeping up with the Joneses: marrying a good catch, living in a nice house, driving the right car, having a good job, kids that do well at school. For others, it is enjoying life’s pleasures – the best vacations, the most enjoyable parties, with the most exciting partiers. Then there are people who are forever pursuing harmony and peace in their lives, resolving the discordant threads one by one, and for some the game is living up to their personally defined objective definition of personal development.

For most, it is a combination with a common thread: Am I moving up in the world at an acceptable pace, or am I running out of time? Am I maximizing my potential?